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Medium Voltage Switchgear Change out at a Texas Distributions Center. This change out involved completely disassembling the existing deteriorating switchgear, replacing it with new state of the art switchgear and cleaning up the jobsite, including trucking out the disassembled old gear. We were given a time frame to be down of 24 hrs. We were complete and off premise in 22 hrs.

Project-2 - Before

Switchgear lineup changeout at a Mississipi Distribution Center. This picture shows the pad after the old Switchgear had been removed. We had two similtaneous shutdowns in 2 different buildings going on with the removal of two large lineups, 4 large transformers and 3 separate smaller panels all at the same outage. Tear down, re-install, test, energize and cleanup was completed in 27 hours.

Project-2 - After

This is a picture of the above, (which was one of the Switchgear lineups), after we were complete.